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Scotty Jenkin from Noone Plus

Why partner with PayHero?

Grow your practice

Increase your revenue per client and build better relationships without the hassle or added complexity that often comes with payroll.

Partner rewards

PayHero partners receive exclusive pricing benefits, providing flexibility in how you and your clients manage their subscriptions.

All your clients in one place

See all of your client accounts at a glance and access their files directly from your partner account with a single login.

Personalised training

You and your staff will become product experts in no time with free online training for your team.

Advanced reporting

Leverage our powerful and customisable reporting tools to crunch the data you need to advise your clients on how to grow their business.

Priority support

PayHero partners receive priority support via email and ​scheduled phone calls​.

“PayHero has been amazing for my manufacturing client – the time clock has helped us save money by accurately recording the hours employees actually work. The documents and notes section has proved to be very valuable as now all HR docs are stored with the payroll information. It's really simple to use and looks great."

Haylee Wrenn, Accountabill

Give your clients a payroll hero

PayHero​ is modern online payroll software, developed by FlexiTime, that helps your clients manage their teams and pay them with confidence.

24/7 online access from anywhere

No software to install

Free upgrades & backups

Leave balances stored in weeks

Holidays Act compliant

Automatic Payday Filing

Online employee timesheets

Photo time clock

Automatic public holiday calculations

Online leave requests & approvals

Business intelligence reporting

Payroll management dashboard

"Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, especially around time savings, simplifying public holiday payroll calculations, and generally reducing stress around payroll."

Scotty Jenkin, Noone Plus

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