Run your business on the go

Great mobile apps and cloud-based payroll software make it easy to manage timesheets, leave, expenses and payroll – wherever you and your team are.

Empower your team

Our beautiful employee mobile app lets your team manage key tasks as they’re out and about.

Make payroll a breeze

Timesheets, leave requests and expenses submitted online go straight into payroll. No data entry. No hassle.

Pay wages from anywhere

Going on holiday? No problem. Login to FlexiTime PayHero on an iPad or tablet and pay your staff from the beach or snow.

Mobile Payroll | FlexiTime PayHero

Employee mobile app

Give your staff the tools they need to complete key tasks from the palm of their hand.

Timesheets in their pocket Employees that are out and about on the job can submit timesheets against different work items or cost centres by entering start, break and end times or using the start/stop timer.

Easy leave requests Your staff can request different types of leave, check the approval status and see a record of leave already taken and scheduled with a simple calendar view.

Capture expenses with ease Expense claims couldn’t be easier. Your employees can take a photo of a receipt, categorise it and submit the expense for approval from their phone while they’re still at the till.

Automated and accurate timesheets

Ditch the paper timesheets and put your feet up. Launch our time clock app on a wall-mounted tablet and get your staff to clock in and out of shifts with a selfie photo. You’ll get the most accurate timesheets possible, sent straight to payroll.

Online Timesheets & Photo Timeclock | FlexiTime PayHero
Run Payroll on an iPad | Online Payroll Software | FlexiTime PayHero

Payroll on your terms

Built for the modern browser, FlexiTime PayHero works just as well on a tablet as a desktop. Run pays from anywhere, with your team’s hours, leave, holidays and expenses automatically included. Payday is easy, even when you’re out of the office (or don’t have an office!).