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All The Benefits

Payroll, the way it should be

Don’t even think about compliance
PAYE, KiwiSaver, ACC, student loans and all other deductions are automatically calculated for you. It’s fast, easy, accurate and 100% compliant with NZ payroll laws and recordkeeping requirements.

Track time, don’t waste it
Beautiful, fast online time entry for your employees. You haven’t got time to collate and add up hours scrawled on paper timesheets. Admin users can check the accuracy and make edits before payroll.

Up-to-date and accessible
With PayHero there’s nothing to download and you can access it online from anywhere. Each time tax or holiday laws change, we update things in the background so you’re always compliant.

We’ve got your back
Our friendly local support team know their stuff. With ten years of NZ payroll experience, they’ll help you with any curly payroll questions.

Automatically update your books
Our slick integration lets you automatically send your payroll transactions to Xero and apportion costs to different account codes or tracking categories.

Love public holidays again
No more grappling with weeks worth of timesheets and confusing manual calculations. PayHero automatically calculates public holiday entitlements for variable hour employees using timesheet history.

Keep track of key documents
Store employment contracts, IRD forms, work permits, licences and other important documents on each employee’s profile. Move your employee HR files online and throw out that dusty file cabinet.

Track what’s most important to you
Select from our standard payroll reports or slice and dice your wage and leave data to create your own custom dashboard. Data updates in real time every time you log in. Share with colleagues and export to Excel.

Payroll that works the way you do
From one employee to many hundreds, set up your payroll to be as simple or complex as you need it to be. Easily manage multi-pay frequencies, a combination of hourly rate, salaried and contract staff, commissions, bonuses, expenses, employee loans and more.


Our pricing is like our payroll. Simple.

Online payroll, zero touch payday filing, expenses & much more.

FREE until July 2019

Normally $2 per employee per pay

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