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It’s now easier than ever to file your PAYE with Inland Revenue. When you start payday filing, we’ll automatically send your PAYE information to IRD after each pay.

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Fully automated

The easiest way to manage payday filing is to let our payroll software do it for you. It’s 100% automated so you’ll never need to think about PAYE filing again.

Leading the way

As the first software provider to launch payday filing in April 2018, we’ve sent tens of thousands of payroll returns to IRD already.

Tried and tested

As early adopters of payday filing, we’ve worked closely with IRD for over a year to develop the simplest, most effective solution on the market.

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What is payday filing?

Payday filing (sometimes referred to as payday reporting) is an IRD initiative that requires employers to submit PAYE information each time they pay their employees.

Payday filing is currently optional, but it will be mandatory from 1 April 2019. The due date for paying PAYE and other deductions to IRD doesn’t change.

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"I can do my payroll in 5 minutes and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night worrying that I haven’t paid or filed to IRD.”

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"The great thing is that it’s completely automated so you don’t have to think about it! It lets us focus on the things that really matter."

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What does that mean for you?

Rather than submitting PAYE returns once a month your PAYE information will need to be sent to IRD after every pay. Don’t worry – we use IRD’s gateway services technology to do this automatically, giving you zero touch PAYE compliance.

Payday filing will be mandatory from 1 April 2019 but it’s already live in FlexiTime, so you can be up and running well before then.

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Connect to payday filing

Get started with payday filing in three easy steps.

IRD Payday Filing Integration | Available Now | FlexiTime PayHero

1. Head to Manage > Integrations in PayHero.

Connect to IRD | Payday Filing | FlexiTime PayHero

2. Click to connect to Inland Revenue.

FlexiTime | Payday Filing - MyIR

3. Securely login to myIR and authorise the connection with PayHero.

IRD Payday Filing | Online Payroll Software | FlexiTime PayHero

Start payday filing now

Get a head start by ticking payday filing off your to-do list ahead of the deadline. Create a free account, connect to myIR and let this be the last time you think about filing your PAYE.

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and pay nothing until July 2019!

More about payday filing

Why is IRD introducing payday filing?

Having more timely information means IRD can work out tax and entitlements faster and more accurately, providing more confidence to companies and employees that they are paying and receiving the correct amounts throughout the year.

To achieve this without an increase in compliance costs, IRD is enabling payroll software providers to file your returns on your behalf via a direct integration.

Filing becomes part of your normal payroll process so you don’t need to remember to send returns in at the end of the month.

Who does payday filing apply to?

From 1 April 2019 all employers must file their PAYE after each pay, rather than once or twice a month. If you make PAYE/ESCT deductions of $50,000 a year or more you must file online. If your total PAYE/ESCT is less than that amount you can choose to file online or file paper returns.

Where can I find out more?

Your best bet is to check out the information on IRD’s website. They’re updating it regularly to keep everyone in the loop with where things are at.

I’m a tax agent that files PAYE on behalf of my clients. How does this work for me?

It should make your life much easier! You’ll need to authorise the IRD connection with the correct permissions for each client and then everything will be automated.

Payday filing in FlexiTime

How does payday filing work in FlexiTime?

We’ve developed a direct connection to IRD’s new gateway services system so we can submit your tax returns electronically. IRD sometimes refers to this method as machine to machine or business to business (B2B) payday filing.

Simply connect your account to myIR once and your payroll filing will be taken care of automatically when you finalise each pay. There’s no need to manually file anything via myIR.

How is FlexiTime rolling out payday filing?

FlexiTime was the first payroll provider to launch payday filing in April 2018 after many months of working closely with IRD to develop the new process.

We started with a soft launch to a limited group of early adopters to ensure the process was thoroughly tested. Payday filing is available to all FlexiTime PayHero and FlexiTime Shift users, but you’ve got until March 2019 to get set up.

Do I need to contact IRD to get set up?

No. As long as you have a myIR account for your company you can connect to that directly from FlexiTime and authorise payday filing without talking to IRD. New companies need to contact IRD to register as an employer and get a new myIR account set up.

Does payday filing cost extra in FlexiTime?

No. Payday filing is included in the FlexiTime PayHero and FlexiTime Shift pricing.

Do I need to submit an IR345?

No, when you’re set up on payday filing you’ll no longer need to file an IR345 (EDF) or IR348 (EMS). That means that payday filing in FlexiTime is truly zero touch and there’s nothing for you to file.

Where’s the support material for this?

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